things I like:

It’s about ladies celebrating ladies.
— Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation




Hi there, I'm Alicia! I make bright and cheery cards & paper goods because I believe in women encouraging and loving on each other through the timeless art of handwritten notes.

I know the feeling of intending to be really thoughtful and supportive to the ladies in your circle. I started making “just because” cards in 2014 to do better at that myself, because getting a kind card in the mail when you’re totally not expecting one is awesome. Soon, other cards were added because I was given the sage advice that people want birthday cards. (Shocker, right?!) To make it more convenient and affordable for ladies just like us to send notes on a regular basis, we launched the subscription box in 2016. Today we have a growing line of colorfully illustrated cards that are sold in stores around the US, and we continue to encourage ladies to celebrate ladies by writing a nice note.

When I’m not “wearing my business hat,” you can probably find me eating (let’s be real though, I do that with the business hat on, too), dreaming of another adventure, hanging out with my ladies, or relaxing with my husband Michael, cat Pad Thai, and a glass of wine.

I’m so glad that you’re here! Get comfy, grab your beverage of choice, and explore a bit - or send me an e-mail and tell me about yourself!