30 Reasons to Write a Note


11. Because your neighbor just did you a big favor.

12. To thank your hair stylist for the amazing job they do on your hair.

13. Because your cousin is graduating (from high school, college, grad school, etc.)

14. Because your college roommate just got engaged.

15. To thank your friend for letting you vent to them.

16. Because someone’s getting married.

17. Because your co-worker just had a baby.

18. To thank your interviewers for taking the time and say it was so nice to meet them.

19. Because your sister just found out she’s pregnant.

20. Because your friend from college is interviewing for her dream job.

  1. Because your bestie’s birthday is coming up.

  2. Because you forgot someone’s birthday.

  3. Because you were just thinking of your friend that you haven’t talked to in a little while.

  4. Because you know someone’s going through a tough time right now.

  5. Because someone just landed that awesome job.

  6. To let your kid’s teacher know that you know how hard they’re working, and you appreciate her so much.

  7. Because your aunt just had a loss in the family.

  8. Because you really hit it off with the gal at the networking event last week.

  9. Because your brother just moved into a new home.

  10. To thank your friend for the super thoughtful gift. 


21. Because it’s your parents’ anniversary.

22. To let your favorite barista know how much you appreciate her smile and cheer.

23. To thank your friends for having you over for a lovely dinner.

24. To let your mom know how much you appreciate her.

25. Because you want to let the new intern at work know that you see all their hard work and efforts.

26. To thank your friend for picking you up at the airport.

27. Because your neighbor’s dog just passed away.

28. To thank your biz bestie for the awesome referral she sent you.

29. To thank your family friends for letting you use their vacation home.

30. Because your friends deserve an award for being so sweet and supportive.

What's your favorite reason to write a note? Let us know!